Moe Greens courts high rollers with upscale cannabis lounge in mid-Market

Entering Moe Greens on Market Street, you’ll be transported from the grittiness of the present to an era when the neckties were skinny, the movies were Technicolor and the music ring-a-ding-dinged.

“Opening a cannabis dispensary now is all about creating an experience,” says Nate Haas, the co-owner and CEO of Moe Greens. “This is a throwback to a time in San Francisco when you’d get dressed up on a Saturday night and go to a place like Joe’s or Ernies for a drink. We wanted it to have that sense of history re-created.” But while cocktails would have been the public libation of choice in 1950s and early ’60s, these days in San Francisco, cannabis is king.

You can read more of this article over at the San Francisco Chronicle

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