What’s better than having a few beers with friends after a long week? Or even having a beer or two by yourself after a long day of work? Sometimes that’s all it takes to relax at the end of the day and get ready to tackle the next day. Other people enjoy cannabis in different forms to experience similar effects. The problem with beer and other types of alcohol is it can dehydrate you and make you feel worse the next morning. However, consuming products like the Hi-Fi Hops – Reverb can give you the best of both worlds. We’ve gone into a little more detail about this product and how you can enjoy it if you’re a cannabis user and drink alcohol occasionally.


Experience The Effects Of Cannabis And Alcohol


Mixing cannabis and beer isn’t always the best decision, but it can be safe if you enjoy them together responsibly. The Hi-Fi Hops – Reverb is a 12oz bottle that contains 10mg of an aggregate of CBD and THC within the product and it’s non-alcoholic. The look and feel of the bottle make it seem like you’re consuming an ice-cold beer at the end of the day, but you’re actually enjoying a refreshing cannabis-infused drink. The combination of the slight lemon flavor and the carbonation is refreshing, and then the aftertaste of bitterness reminds you of the hops you’re used to experiencing in a beer. 


Feel Relaxed Without Adverse Side Effects


What might be the most unique aspect of the Hi-Fi Hops – Reverb is how it makes you feel. The smooth taste is great for sipping without making you feel like you’re drinking too much. But even if you do, you shouldn’t feel any adverse side effects since it’s essentially sparkling water that’s keeping you hydrated. Many people who consume this product feel relaxed as they drink it, while still feeling something similar to a buzz they’re used to experiencing while drinking beer. The 10mg of THC/CBD combination is just the right amount for most people. If you have a low tolerance, you might only need one to feel exactly how you want to. Otherwise, you can enjoy a couple during an evening alone or with your friends and feel ultimate relaxation. The next morning is when you’ll truly appreciate the Hi-Fi Hops – Reverb since you won’t feel any of the hangover effects like you commonly would after drinking alcohol.


Get Yours Today At Moe Greens


Moe Greens offers a range of products to customers because they go great with the rest of our product line. Many customers enjoy an ice-cold Hi-Fi Hops – Reverb with their preferred beer of choice or while they are enjoying our other CBD products. The refreshing nature of the product makes people want to buy a six-pack that will last them all week long. Share one or two with your friends as well so you can experience the same effects with them on the weekend. 


Moe Greens wants customers to have the best experience possible in our store or when visiting online. The Hi-Fi Hops – Reverb is just one of the many CBD-infused products you can enjoy when you shop with us. To learn more about this product and any others you might be interested in, visit us today.

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