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Moe Greens Customers Can Pay Effortlessly With TreezPay

Moe Greens Customers Can Pay Effortlessly With TreezPay

Our world is constantly changing, which means companies and organizations have to adapt and adjust along with it. Moe Greens prides itself on staying on top of the latest trends to ensure customers benefit from the latest technology and services to enhance their online and in-person experience. One of those trends that’s here to stay is offering contactless ACH payments through TreezPay. Customers can pre-pay for their products for both pickup and delivery without having to worry about waiting in lines or exchanging cash or handing over a credit card to the cashier. It’s a much more effective and efficient way to receive the products you need, and Moe Greens is proud to make the process easier for customers.

Benefits Of Contactless ACH Payments

Contactless ACH payments are becoming more common in various industries every day. The convenience ACH payments provide consumers is the main reason why, since customers don’t have to carry cash all the time. And with a lot of emphasis being placed on hygiene and health protocols, the fewer items you have to touch, the more comfortable you’ll feel.

From a transaction standpoint, using contactless ACH payments makes shopping for your Moe Greens products quicker and easier. You can also feel secure that neither Moe Greens nor TreezPay has access to your banking information, so the chances of it getting compromised due to a data breach will be reduced significantly.

What To Expect With TreezPay

Moe Greens works with TreezPay because of the ease of use and convenience for our customers. When you are ready to purchase one of Moe Greens’ high-quality products, simply place your order online and you’ll receive a text message asking if you would like to pay online. If you choose to do so, then follow the instructions and prompts to pay in advance, and you’ll be ready to pick up your product in the store or have it delivered as soon as possible. It’s a simple and hassle-free process that keeps you moving with your day-to-day life. But if you simply prefer to pay with cash or credit card, then you can still do so. Moe Greens offers a payment option for every type of customer depending on preferences.

Common Questions And Answers For Customers

Are there any security concerns to worry about with contactless ACH payments?

The benefit of using contactless ACH payments is it’s more secure than using traditional credit cards. TreezPay utilizes bank-to-bank transfers and only uses existing bank login information. The information is not stored by TreezPay or Moe Greens, so safety and security are not a concern.

Do I have to use contactless ACH payments to shop at Moe Greens?

Moe Greens wants to offer a variety of payment options to suit customer needs and desires. While we believe the future of payments will be in the form of contactless ACH payments, we also offer traditional methods of paying for products as well.

How will orders be fulfilled?

Orders with Moe Greens will be fulfilled in the same efficient manner you’ve been used to. The only thing that changes when using contactless ACH payments is you won’t have to pay in-store and can be on your way quicker. When you pay through TreezPay, you’ll receive clear prompts and steps to follow to ensure you know exactly what to do and when to pick up your order.

Are there any fees associated with using contactless ACH payments?

Any fees associated with the transaction will be found on the final transaction page before submitting your order. The fee will not be present on your final receipt, but it will be reflected in your bank transaction.

Be On Your Way Quickly With Contactless ACH Payments

Moe Greens understands people have busy lives. While we love enjoying your company, we also want to help you get in and out of our store quickly if that’s what you need to do. With contactless ACH payments, you don’t have to worry about paying for your products in the store. The payment part will already be taken care of, so you don’t have to budget any additional time in your busy day. The online shopping experience is also improved with contactless ACH payments since you don’t have to search for your credit card information to type in and go through several steps of verification. Our goal is to make your purchasing experience as easy as possible, and contactless ACH payments with TreezPay is one of the ways we accomplish this.

At Moe Greens, every decision we make for our business revolves around how it will benefit our customers. Offering different options is important to satisfy the needs of every customer that walks through our doors or shops online. We will continue evolving and improving our services and offering for you, and we are always happy to receive any feedback you have.

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Great Atmos, great staff, amazing product!!! Dante was bud tender on my most recent visit … he was great. The whole team got together to find the product I wanted to purchase as it wasn’t in the known locations. Really great folks, really great prices. One of my go to spots on SF.


Great place with an Incredible staff. I’ve come on multiple occasions and have always been greeted with incredible smiles and spectacular customer service. I truly do support because of the vibe more than the product


Great quality and service. The lounge area is very comfortable with no time limit. Good selection of cannabis products. My overall favorite in san Francisco after visiting the top 10.


Chris was friendly and offered great recommendations for edibles. I initially wanted to pick up the Camino wild cherry gummies. I ended up getting the Camino sours, which were delicious and offered a good high. Thank you!

Ricky Ho