Moe Greens Website is Open for All

Moe Greens is pleased to provide a website that is open and accessible for everyone. We have always put in a significant amount of detail into our lounge to ensure people of all abilities can enjoy themselves. And of course, the products we offer receive the same level of detail, whether it’s vape pens, pre-rolls, edibles, topicals, flowers, concentrates, or other accessories.

During these difficult times when we are unable to open the lounge due to COVID-19 concerns, we have been meticulous about updating our website to make it accessible for all. We have made it easier than ever before to place cannabis orders online and have prioritized a user-friendly design. By listening to our loyal customers over the years, we know exactly what they are looking for and have gone out of our way to ensure we can deliver to them.

With the temporary closure of the lounge, Moe Greens had to put forth more effort into a website redesign to provide a high-quality online experience just like customers receive in person. Everything from the website speed to the navigability and everything in between got analyzed and tweaked to ensure the best user experience possible. One of the unique aspects of the website redesign is making it more accessible for people with visual impairments. The LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired is just a short walk away from Moe Greens. Accessibility is a concern for people with visual impairments, and Moe Greens has prioritized making the showroom and website as accessible as possible to be more inclusive for all.

Accessibility in the Foreground

So what exactly goes into a website that offers accessibility features? Moe Greens has spent hours researching and studying accessible websites and has incorporated unique features to help people with visual impairments and other accessibility concerns have a great experience on the website. We are committed to making Moe Greens an accessible place for people to visit, whether it’s in-person in the future or online.

The colors on a website are important to focus on since people perceive colors in different ways. The most significant factor Moe Greens focused on is ensuring the text is darker than the background. We don’t want any website visitors to have to strain their eyes to read the text, so we make it as comfortable as possible for everyone by having dark text and light backgrounds.

In-page navigation is something that makes websites easier to follow for everyone. This is done simply by incorporating headers to make content more structured and easy to follow. When the website doesn’t have any flow, it can be difficult for someone with visual impairments to know where to go. Moe Greens uses clear and concise headers with the perfect amount of content to make website navigation easy.

Automatic website navigation and media have benefits for certain users, but not for people with visual impairments. Moe Greens will not play media files automatically until the user presses a button. With automatic media files, visitors could be startled when a video starts playing, and it could be difficult to locate it to know where to turn it off. You won’t have to worry about this happening when you visit Moe Greens.

Finally, as with every website, the content contained within it is the most important. Moe Greens includes content with accessibility in mind. This means each hyperlink within the text will be clearly defined, so users know where they will be taken when they click a link. We also will write out any acronyms to prevent any confusion or uncertainty. Readability is an important part of having an accessible website, and we make it a priority at Moe Greens.

A Commitment for the Future

Accessibility is always a major concern for people with visual and other physical impairments and limitations. Moe Greens is committed to providing an accessible virtual space for people, as well as improving the lounge for future use. Since our store is so close to the LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired, we want to ensure people of all abilities can have an enjoyable experience when they visit us. Our lounge will include things like accessible ramps, open spaces, easy-to-reach counters, large signs, and many more things to make it easier for people to enjoy their time when they visit.

Staying on top of the latest   is something Moe Greens always prioritizes for the benefit of our customers. We also believe everyone should have equal access to cannabis products whether they need them for medical purposes or simply enjoy using them. Whether it’s our website or our lounge when it can open again, accessibility matters to us. No matter how you visit Moe Greens, you can feel confident everything will be accessible, easy to use, and you’ll have an enjoyable and comfortable experience.

Can we add the word “accessibility” here, or just cut the sentence + adjust the next one? I’m afraid it could read like we think accessibility is something that’s trendy vs. something fundamental.

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