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1276 Market Street San Francisco, CA 94102 (415) 762-4255
Hours: 9am – 10pm / Lounge: 10am - 9:30pm
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Finest dispensary and lounge in the heart of San Francisco.
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Stop by our cannabis dispensary in San Francisco!

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Our gorgeous facility invites leisurely exploration and includes an on-site ATM. Maybe you’re in a hurry? Feel free to shop online anytime. Our user-friendly website allows 24/7 browsing and purchasing of our carefully curated products from the privacy of home. Narrow your search to suit your preferences for the type of product, potency, strain, customer reviews, price, effects, weight and more. Clear pictures and descriptions guide you toward informed decisions and placing an order is oh-so-simple. Opt for in-store pickup to streamline the process or choose delivery and we’ll come to you anywhere across San Francisco, Union Square, Japantown, Mission District, South Beach, Chinatown and Haight-Ashbury, CA.Contactless pre-payment is now available. All transactions are secure. Delivery is handled by our award-winning budtenders in a timely manner and with discretion. Whether you visit Moe Greens in-person or reach out online or by phone at (415) 762-4255, we take the extra steps to provide an experience unlike any other. We concentrate on premium cannabis, compassion, and community. We feel good about helping you live your best life. Try Moe Greens once and we know you’ll be back.

When you’re looking for something different, unique, and more fun, you’ll find all that and more at Moe Greens. Dating back to 2019, we’re an old-school destination with a modern, friendly and exciting vibe. We are the San Francisco dispensary your friends and neighbors are talking about. Showcasing the very best brands of recreational and medicinal cannabis, our shelves are a treasure trove of therapeutic remedies and exceptional experiences.

Recreational & Medical Cannabis Dispensary

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What sets us apart? The list is long and includes our three lounges in one. Let’s start with our dab bar. If you’ve never done a dab, you’re missing out. Along with fast relief from medical concerns, this method of consumption provides a clean, smokeless taste similar to exceptional quality fresh bud. Our dab bar is a comfortable, clean and beautiful space where you can feel totally at ease. Get assistance from experienced budtenders, try the best California wax, shatter, hash, and more and enjoy an enhanced dabbing experience.

The best cannabis dispensary in the Bay Area,
located in the heart of San Francisco.
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Browse our menu to order premium cannabis products for pickup at our store, including flower, edibles, concentrates, vape cartridges and accessories.
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In the heart of the city
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Moe Greens is located right across the street from the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, a block away from City Hall, down the street from the Orpheum Theater, and just steps from the Twitter headquarters, Uber and Dolby. We’re right near the attractions found in Mid-Market Corridor and not far from Market Street, the historic setting of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road. We are your nearby dispensary and consumption lounge, offering up a whole new world of opportunity.

Moe Greens also includes two large “get-together” lounges where free-thinkers, like-minded people and anyone looking to take a moment to fully appreciate the potential of good cannabis is welcome to hang out. Check our cool toys for rent, such as gravity bongs and other innovative smoking devices. Eat, vape, smoke, and focus on wellness and happiness. Our extremely passionate staff is happy to make recommendations based on your expectations and preferences.

Top-Quality Medicinal & Recreational Cannabis Products

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At Moe Greens, there’s always more to find, something new to discover, and a worthwhile adventure waiting for you. We are careful and discerning about the strains we represent. We make sure every flower, edible, extract, tincture, topical, beverage, pre-roll, cartridge, CBD product and so much more, measure up to our standards and add to our long-standing reputation for excellence. We’re happy to walk you through our lineup of indicas, hybrids, and sativas and help you choose something perfect for you.

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Great quality and service. The lounge area is very comfortable with no time limit. Good selection of cannabis products. My overall favorite in san Francisco after visiting the top 10.
Chris was friendly and offered great recommendations for edibles. I initially wanted to pick up the Camino wild cherry gummies. I ended up getting the Camino sours, which were delicious and offered a good high. Thank you!
Ricky Ho
Great Atmos, great staff, amazing product!!! Dante was bud tender on my most recent visit ... he was great. The whole team got together to find the product I wanted to purchase as it wasn't in the known locations. Really great folks, really great prices. One of my go to spots on SF.
Great place with an Incredible staff. I’ve come on multiple occasions and have always been greeted with incredible smiles and spectacular customer service. I truly do support because of the vibe more than the product