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1276 Market Street San Francisco, CA 94102 (415) 762-4255
Hours: 9am – 10pm / Lounge: 10am - 9:30pm

Do you know how to tell good quality flower from bad? Shopping at Moe Greens doesn’t require expertise or experience. Every bud has met our high standards and is sure to exceed expectations. Close your eyes, take a whiff and just the terpenes alone will reassure you. From citrus-oriented limonene and musky myrcene to pinene, linalool, and all the familiar favorites, we offer everything you need for therapeutic benefits and recreational enjoyment.

Cannabis Flower Dispensary in San Francisco

Take a tour of our San Francisco cannabis dispensary and  get excited by the colors. Rich reds, deep blues, bright greens, lush purples and a rainbow of mature flower proves care of cultivation. Look a little closer and see those glistening trichomes that distinguish maturity. For a variety of THC and CBD potency, consumption methods and quick onset of effects, flower from Moe Greens fulfills every expectation.

SF Roots, Pure Beauty, Lyfted Farms, Garcia Hand Picked, Fig Farms and Cali Select are just a few of the many, well-renowned and searched for brands on the shelves at Moe Greens.  With names like Pineapple Cheescake, Cherry Bomb, Poison Glue, Fire OG and Sunset Blvd, you know you’re going to discover something fun, fresh and fantastic. Our sativas, indicas and hybrids galore offer the most amazing flavor you’ll find anywhere.

Moe Greens is your source for top-quality cannabis flower!

Moe Greens has served as a staple of the cannabis scene since 2019, providing a variety of popular flower for locals, visitors, newcomers, regulars and recreational as well as medicinal use. Along with experienced and friendly budtenders and ATM on-site, our services include the ease of online ordering, in-store pickup, and swift delivery anywhere across San Francisco, Union Square, Japantown, Mission District, South Beach, Chinatown and Haight-Ashbury, CA.

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Chris was friendly and offered great recommendations for edibles. I initially wanted to pick up the Camino wild cherry gummies. I ended up getting the Camino sours, which were delicious and offered a good high. Thank you!
Ricky Ho
Great Atmos, great staff, amazing product!!! Dante was bud tender on my most recent visit ... he was great. The whole team got together to find the product I wanted to purchase as it wasn't in the known locations. Really great folks, really great prices. One of my go to spots on SF.
Great place with an Incredible staff. I’ve come on multiple occasions and have always been greeted with incredible smiles and spectacular customer service. I truly do support because of the vibe more than the product
Great quality and service. The lounge area is very comfortable with no time limit. Good selection of cannabis products. My overall favorite in san Francisco after visiting the top 10.