Moe Greens delivers citywide

We bring your order right to your doorstep.
Everything you see on our menu can be delivered— even accessories and clones.

Store To Door Delivery

  • Fast and Timely
  • Discreet and secure
  • Contactless payment option available
  • Delivered by award winning budtenders

Map of delivery area

Moe Greens offers contactless prepayment for pickup and delivery from Treez Pay powered by Stronghold

This allows you to link an existing bank account to your Moe Greens account and prepay for your order

Contactless Prepayment is now Available

Quick & Easy | Safe & Secure

How it works

Place your order online

Receive a text asking if you’d like to pay online

Follow the instructions to pay ahead of time

Come to Moe Greens and be in and out fast

Wait for the Moe Greens driver to deliver your order to your door

Frequently Asked Questions About Treez Pay

Treez Pay is a digital payment solution that provides a convenient way to pay for online pickup or delivery orders with your mobile device. When you place an order, you’ll receive an SMS text message with a link to add your payment information and authorize payment for their order. This only takes a few minutes and will then be a one-click payment on all future orders.

When you place an order on Moe Greens’s online menu, you will receive a text message with a link to Treez Pay (Powered by Stronghold). At that link, you’ll be able to securely sign-up or log-in through their selected banking provider. Once the customer is in their Stronghold account, they’ll simply need to confirm the items and total amount being charged to them, and tap Pay.

Nope! Your information is securely stored in your account, so while you will need to log-in to your account each time you purchase for security reasons, you won’t need to complete the full sign-up process after your first transaction!

No, Treez Pay transactions do not require any mobile application to be used. Treez Pay Powered by Stronghold is embedded into Moe Greens existing POS technology.

Yes, confidential customer banking details are not accessible by Moe Greens or Treez.

A $2.50 flat customer fee will automatically be applied to your order, and the fee will be on a separate transaction from our cannabis purchase.

Payments via Stronghold run on the ACH network. ACH payments are electronic bank-to-bank payments that allow a merchant to debit directly from a customer’s account once the customer approves the transaction. This is a secure transaction and one that ensures the customer has the final approval on all transactions.

Absolutely not. Using Treez Pay nor Stronghold will not trigger any additional bank fees.

Customers will see the merchant’s name on their bank statement.